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Florianopolis: Planning Your Time

Feb 13, 11 Florianopolis: Planning Your Time

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The Island of Santa Catarina is like a small country. It’s so big and diverse that it contains within it, many smaller territories, towns and neighborhoods, each with a unique personality. It has a downtown area (the city of Florianópolis), at least four smaller town centers, an international airport, 100 beaches (from urbanized...

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South of Maceio: Praia do Frances

Feb 06, 11 South of Maceio: Praia do Frances

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In the 1980s, Praia do Francês was a major attraction on the coast of Alagoas. Despite its name (which simply pays homage to the French pirates who traded in these parts in the 16th century), the destination was particularly frequented by Portuguese and Italian tourists, as well as vacationers from inside Brazil. It consists of a...

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Brazil’s Best Surfing, A Quick View

Jan 15, 11 Brazil’s Best Surfing, A Quick View

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Not only is surfing one of the most popular sports in Brazil, but also the surfer is given a kind of status among beach goers. More than a few of Brazil’s most popular beach villages and vacation spots were first discovered by surfers between 1970 and 1990. It almost seems that wherever surfers congregate, others will eventually...

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