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Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Brazil, Best Diving Locations

Dec 26, 08 Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Brazil, Best Diving Locations

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Brazil’s official tourism advocacy group, EMBRATUR (EMPresa BRAsileira, de TURismo), has recently declared Scuba Diving as one of nine principal tourism categories in Brazil. If nothing else, that means they recognize the value and importance of diving as an attraction in Brazil. With over 7000 kilometers of coastline, numerous...

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Why Visit Brazil, What to Do and See in Brazil

Why Visit Brazil? You’re kidding, right? Well, for those who are just getting to know this big, beautiful South American country, here is a quick rundown of what Brazil has to offer… Nature and Wildlife Encounters Brazil has some of the most exotic and fascinating wildlife on the planet and you can get a close-up look...

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Pan American Games 2007 Schedule

Oct 31, 06 Pan American Games 2007 Schedule

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Get the official timetable in English here The Pan American Games are to begin in Rio de Janeiro in July of 2007. The city continues to publicize their participation as hosts in a continuing hope that their success with the games will help them win the olympics in 2016. Rio has continually been turned down as an olympic site because...

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