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Arraial d’Ajuda: Planning Your Time

Jan 23, 10 Arraial d’Ajuda: Planning Your Time

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Most travelers who come to the south of Bahia remember Arraial d’Ajuda as their favorite place on the coast. It has a kind of rustic charm to it that seduces just about everyone who comes here. It’s difficult to say whether the highlight is the village itself, or the beaches. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between them....

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Porto Seguro: Land of the Big Barraca

Jan 16, 10 Porto Seguro: Land of the Big Barraca

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Visitors arriving in Porto Seguro for the first time are often surprised by what they see. It’s a common misconception that Porto Seguro is a quaint, Bahian-style beach village.  Porto Seguro has a very particular appeal. Specifically, it appeals to young, working class Brazilians.  It offers everything that this group desires:...

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Southern Bahia

Jan 16, 10 Southern Bahia

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The southern part of Bahia is an interesting mixture of modern and traditional influences. You’ll find many of the things that the Bahian coast is famous for: Bahianas in traditional white hoop dresses serving regional foods in the praças of the small villages, 17th century religious architecture from Brazil’s colonial period,...

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