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Maceio: Planning Your Time

Jan 09, 11 Maceio: Planning Your Time

Posted by in alagoas, Where to Go

If you add up all the factors that make a great coastal region in the Northeast of Brazil–things like clarity of the water, variety of beaches, nightlife options, charm, safety, quality and variety of food, and so on–Maceió may very well come out in the top position. Surprised? Most travelers are when they see what the...

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Ilhabela: Inner Beaches, Outer Beaches

Dec 31, 10 Ilhabela: Inner Beaches, Outer Beaches

Posted by in beaches, islands, Sao Paulo Coast

Inner Beaches The beaches along the inner rim of the island are the most frequented, since there is a coastal road that connects them and the water here is calm and tranquil. Most people arrive on the island by car and the coastal road can get pretty crowded on weekends and during the peak season. On off-season weekdays, you can...

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Trancoso: Beaches to the South

Feb 18, 10 Trancoso: Beaches to the South

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On the south side of the village are beaches with slightly more turbulent waters, although they are nevertheless excellent for swimming. The water here is clearer and bluer than on the north coast, largely due to the many rivers that flow into the ocean along this part of the coast. The first beach you come to on the south coast is...

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Porto Seguro: Activities & Excursions

Jan 16, 10 Porto Seguro: Activities & Excursions

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Trips up and down the coast leave from the various piers at the southern tip of Porto Seguro. Here you’ll find excursions that visit all of the popular outlying areas from Santo Antônio in the north to Caraíva and even the distant Caravelas in the south. There are tour agencies all over town, including several right around the...

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Brazil Under Water, Diving & Snorkeling Adventures

Dec 26, 08 Brazil Under Water, Diving & Snorkeling Adventures

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One of Brazil’s most exciting offerings is under the water. Diving and snorkeling in Brazil is among the most treasured activities for Brazilians and visitors alike and you’ll find opportunities to visit Brazil’s underwater world all over the coastline. Brazil’s diving locations are many and quite varied,...

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Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Brazil, Best Diving Locations

Dec 26, 08 Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Brazil, Best Diving Locations

Posted by in Excursions, sports

Brazil’s official tourism advocacy group, EMBRATUR (EMPresa BRAsileira, de TURismo), has recently declared Scuba Diving as one of nine principal tourism categories in Brazil. If nothing else, that means they recognize the value and importance of diving as an attraction in Brazil. With over 7000 kilometers of coastline, numerous...

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