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Shopping in Sao Paulo

Dec 24, 10 Shopping in Sao Paulo

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There’s nothing more pleasant then strolling through an outdoor flea market on a Sunday morning. The old center in São Paulo has several. You can hit the Feira de Antiguidades on Saturday and Sunday in the Praça da Republica, Sunday being the more interesting day. Also on Sunday near the Republica area is a market of art and art...

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Sao Paulo: A Quick Look at the Big City

Feb 21, 10 Sao Paulo: A Quick Look at the Big City

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View Larger Map How do you put the third largest city in the world in a nutshell? In the case of São Paulo, with two words: food and business. São Paulo is, first of all, a major business mecca. Just about everything that comes into or goes out of Brazil, goes through São Paulo–and a huge portion of Brazil’s own product...

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Arraial d’Ajuda: Shopping

Feb 21, 10 Arraial d’Ajuda: Shopping

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In my opinion, the best shopping is in the old village, but by all means check out the more upscale offerings all along the Estrada do Mucugé too. An interesting shop in the Praça Brigadeiro E. Gomes is the Casa de Renda, with hand-made and hand-painted fabrics. There is also a well-stocked souvenir store on the far corner of the...

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What to do in Barra

Mar 31, 09 What to do in Barra

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The very tip of the Salvador peninsula (if you can call it that) is the area called Barra. It’s marked by the largest and most significant fort in northern Brazil. The Barra neighborhood is where the beaches begin, and they continue north up the Atlantic coastline to Itapuan and Flamengo. As you turn from the bay side of Salvador...

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Why Visit Brazil, What to Do and See in Brazil

Why Visit Brazil? You’re kidding, right? Well, for those who are just getting to know this big, beautiful South American country, here is a quick rundown of what Brazil has to offer… Nature and Wildlife Encounters Brazil has some of the most exotic and fascinating wildlife on the planet and you can get a close-up look...

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Food & Shopping in Minas Gerais

Feb 13, 08 Food & Shopping in Minas Gerais

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The interior state of Minas Gerais is one of Brazil’s greatest travel regions. It is rich in history and culture and offers a glorious look at some of the most Brazilian festivals, foods, and fashions. The area is mountainous with plenty of rivers and waterfalls and many of the old, colonial towns still look like they did in...

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Shopping Highlights in Minas Gerais

Feb 13, 08 Shopping Highlights in Minas Gerais

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What to Buy and Where to Buy It Minas is a great place for shopping and if you know what to look for and where to look for it, you can find some of Brazil’s best prices. Specialties in the area are, of course, the items that are made or found there – most of which have been part of the regional culture for hundreds of years....

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