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The Best of Brazil, Brazil’s Top 25 Attractions

Mar 06, 11 The Best of Brazil, Brazil’s Top 25 Attractions

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Brazil’s Best Beaches & Boardwalks Copacabana Boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro: This four-kilometer stretch of beach is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and is famous for its beautiful women in provocative bikinis, professional athletes playing volleyball in the sand, and celebrities walking or jogging up and...

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The History and People of Sao Paulo

Jan 23, 11 The History and People of Sao Paulo

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As thousands of Italian immigrants were arriving in São Paulo to work in the coffee trade (mostly as a labor class), nobody imagined that they would change the face of the city to such a degree. But that’s not all; they also changed the face of the typical Paulista. It’s now a challenge to find a native Paulista who is not...

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Shopping in Sao Paulo

Dec 24, 10 Shopping in Sao Paulo

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There’s nothing more pleasant then strolling through an outdoor flea market on a Sunday morning. The old center in São Paulo has several. You can hit the Feira de Antiguidades on Saturday and Sunday in the Praça da Republica, Sunday being the more interesting day. Also on Sunday near the Republica area is a market of art and art...

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Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

Dec 24, 10 Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

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Considered the most important symphonic group in Latin America, the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra presents almost 100 performances each concert season, most of them sold-out at the Sala Sao Paulo, which seats 1500. Under the direction of Maestro John Neschling since 1997, the orchestra has grown to become a major world symphony and...

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Walking Tour of Downtown Sao Paulo

Nov 22, 08 Walking Tour of Downtown Sao Paulo

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São Paulo is so big and spread out that it intimidates a lot of travelers, but two days are really about all you need to take in all the main points. You’ll be taking the metro a bit, but that’s pretty much what everybody does in Sampa (as the locals call it). In this quick walking tour, you’ll see the historical...

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Accor Hotels in Sao Paulo:
A Hotel for Every Style and Budget in Just About Every Area of Sao Paulo

In São Paulo, hotels in the Accor network offer a variety of price and comfort options and always good service and management. They have economical options, business hotels, flats and luxury options. Wherever you stay in São Paulo, there’s bound to be an Accor hotel nearby. See: Formula 1 The Formula 1 hotels are...

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The Road From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

Sep 08, 07 The Road From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

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View Larger Map The Road from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro The road between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is one of Brazil’s most traveled tourist destinations. Called the Rio-Santos road, the trip is perfect for many visitors who want to see the big cities of Brazil, some excellent beaches and tropical islands (including...

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