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What to do in Barra

Mar 31, 09 What to do in Barra

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The very tip of the Salvador peninsula (if you can call it that) is the area called Barra. It’s marked by the largest and most significant fort in northern Brazil. The Barra neighborhood is where the beaches begin, and they continue north up the Atlantic coastline to Itapuan and Flamengo. As you turn from the bay side of Salvador...

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Historic Churches in Pelourinho

Mar 31, 09 Historic Churches in Pelourinho

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Catedral Basilica de São Salvador As you walk into the main praça of Pelourinho, called the Terreiro de Jesus, the Catedral Basilica will be on your left. You can’t miss it; it’s the largest and most impressive church in the praça, built in the early 1600s, not long after the founding of Salvador. Much of the original...

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Pelourinho (Centro Historico) and Bonfim

Mar 31, 09 Pelourinho (Centro Historico) and Bonfim

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Over 800 colonial mansions and Baroque churches lean against the hillside of the old city center of Pelourinho. It was here at the Largo do Pelourinho where slaves and outlaws were publicly whipped (the word Pelourinho means whipping post). During its heyday, Pelourinho was the center of Salvador, the capital city of the colony and...

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Salvador: The Heart & Soul of Brazil

Oct 25, 08 Salvador: The Heart & Soul of Brazil

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Salvador It’s difficult to think of a place in South America more rich in history, more steeped in art and culture, more tied to the conquest of liberation than Salvador da Bahia. Many consider Salvador to be the very pulse of Brazilian culture, the grand palace overlooking Brazil’s ethnic landscape. Salvador’s heart remains...

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