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Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

Dec 24, 10 Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

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Considered the most important symphonic group in Latin America, the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra presents almost 100 performances each concert season, most of them sold-out at the Sala Sao Paulo, which seats 1500. Under the direction of Maestro John Neschling since 1997, the orchestra has grown to become a major world symphony and...

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Sao Paulo: A Quick Look at the Big City

Feb 21, 10 Sao Paulo: A Quick Look at the Big City

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View Larger Map How do you put the third largest city in the world in a nutshell? In the case of São Paulo, with two words: food and business. São Paulo is, first of all, a major business mecca. Just about everything that comes into or goes out of Brazil, goes through São Paulo–and a huge portion of Brazil’s own product...

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Arraial d’Ajuda: Entertainment & Night Life

Feb 21, 10 Arraial d’Ajuda: Entertainment & Night Life

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When the beach bars close for the evening at around sundown, the village road begins to light up. People hit the village shopping for a restaurant or bar or just walking around to take-in the charm of the place. Things really get moving at around 10pm and it’s a good idea to already have chosen your spot by then, as the best seats...

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Brazil’s Best on the Guitar

Feb 07, 10 Brazil’s Best on the Guitar

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Two of Brazil’s most talented and treasured guitar players often pair up to play together. Armandinho plays the little mandolin-like instrument, called a Cavaquinho (kah-vah-keen-yo), a traditional folk instrument in Brazil, while Yamandu Costa plays the guitar. Together, they volley back and forth with jaw-dropping speed and...

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