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The Best of Brazil, Brazil’s Top 25 Attractions

Mar 06, 11 The Best of Brazil, Brazil’s Top 25 Attractions

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Brazil’s Best Beaches & Boardwalks Copacabana Boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro: This four-kilometer stretch of beach is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and is famous for its beautiful women in provocative bikinis, professional athletes playing volleyball in the sand, and celebrities walking or jogging up and...

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Ilhabela: Inner Beaches, Outer Beaches

Dec 31, 10 Ilhabela: Inner Beaches, Outer Beaches

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Inner Beaches The beaches along the inner rim of the island are the most frequented, since there is a coastal road that connects them and the water here is calm and tranquil. Most people arrive on the island by car and the coastal road can get pretty crowded on weekends and during the peak season. On off-season weekdays, you can...

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Why Visit Brazil, What to Do and See in Brazil

Why Visit Brazil? You’re kidding, right? Well, for those who are just getting to know this big, beautiful South American country, here is a quick rundown of what Brazil has to offer… Nature and Wildlife Encounters Brazil has some of the most exotic and fascinating wildlife on the planet and you can get a close-up look...

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