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Salvador: The Heart & Soul of Brazil

Oct 25, 08 Salvador: The Heart & Soul of Brazil

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Salvador It’s difficult to think of a place in South America more rich in history, more steeped in art and culture, more tied to the conquest of liberation than Salvador da Bahia. Many consider Salvador to be the very pulse of Brazilian culture, the grand palace overlooking Brazil’s ethnic landscape. Salvador’s heart remains...

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The Road From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

Sep 08, 07 The Road From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

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View Larger Map The Road from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro The road between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is one of Brazil’s most traveled tourist destinations. Called the Rio-Santos road, the trip is perfect for many visitors who want to see the big cities of Brazil, some excellent beaches and tropical islands (including...

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Gondola to Pão de Açúcar in Rio de Janeiro

The best views of Rio de Janeiro and the entire coastline around it, are from the two view platforms of Urca and Pão de Açúcar, both part of the famous gondola ride. It’s worth going up once during the day and again after dark to see both aspects of the city.

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Visitors Include Slums in their Tours of Rio

Mar 31, 07 Visitors Include Slums in their Tours of Rio

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RIO DE JANEIRO–Over 4,000 European travelers were taken into “Rocinha,” Rio de Janeiro’s oldest slum, so far this year. And that’s just by one of several agencies specializing in the favela tour. Now, it seems, the city’s official tourism office, Riotur, is including the favela in their list of...

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Brazil’s Coffee Region

Mar 31, 07 Brazil’s Coffee Region

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Brazil has been producing its unique variety of coffee since the bean was introduced into the country in 1727. Since then coffee has become a national passion, not to mention an important export and once the driving force behind a great economic and cultural boom. Coffee is the principal reason why São Paulo grew into the most...

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