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The History and People of Sao Paulo

Jan 23, 11 The History and People of Sao Paulo

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As thousands of Italian immigrants were arriving in São Paulo to work in the coffee trade (mostly as a labor class), nobody imagined that they would change the face of the city to such a degree. But that’s not all; they also changed the face of the typical Paulista. It’s now a challenge to find a native Paulista who is not...

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Sao Paulo: Planning Your Time

Feb 20, 10 Sao Paulo: Planning Your Time

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São Paulo is not really a tourist city, so it’s relatively easy to see it’s principal attractions in a couple of days. Such a visit would focus on the city center and Paulista areas, with a walking tour of each. Afterward, you’ll have just enough time for a hop into Brás to do some shopping and head to Vila Madalena or...

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Brazil’s Coffee Region

Mar 31, 07 Brazil’s Coffee Region

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Brazil has been producing its unique variety of coffee since the bean was introduced into the country in 1727. Since then coffee has become a national passion, not to mention an important export and once the driving force behind a great economic and cultural boom. Coffee is the principal reason why São Paulo grew into the most...

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