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What to Take to Brazil When You Travel

Jan 01, 11 What to Take to Brazil When You Travel

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Clothes Outside of São Paulo and Rio, Brazilians generally dress casually. Typical social attire for men includes some type of jeans and a new, white tee-shirt. Short sleeve button-down shirts are also popular and considered acceptable for business dress and dinner occasions. It’s common to see bank officials wearing these types...

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Shopping Highlights in Minas Gerais

Feb 13, 08 Shopping Highlights in Minas Gerais

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What to Buy and Where to Buy It Minas is a great place for shopping and if you know what to look for and where to look for it, you can find some of Brazil’s best prices. Specialties in the area are, of course, the items that are made or found there – most of which have been part of the regional culture for hundreds of years....

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