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Walking Tour of Downtown Sao Paulo

Nov 22, 08 Walking Tour of Downtown Sao Paulo

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São Paulo is so big and spread out that it intimidates a lot of travelers, but two days are really about all you need to take in all the main points. You’ll be taking the metro a bit, but that’s pretty much what everybody does in Sampa (as the locals call it). In this quick walking tour, you’ll see the historical...

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Best Bikini Videos 3
All About Brazilian Bikinis

Oct 25, 08 Best Bikini Videos 3<br />All About Brazilian Bikinis

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Salvador: The Heart & Soul of Brazil

Oct 25, 08 Salvador: The Heart & Soul of Brazil

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Salvador It’s difficult to think of a place in South America more rich in history, more steeped in art and culture, more tied to the conquest of liberation than Salvador da Bahia. Many consider Salvador to be the very pulse of Brazilian culture, the grand palace overlooking Brazil’s ethnic landscape. Salvador’s heart remains...

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Why Visit Brazil, What to Do and See in Brazil

Why Visit Brazil? You’re kidding, right? Well, for those who are just getting to know this big, beautiful South American country, here is a quick rundown of what Brazil has to offer… Nature and Wildlife Encounters Brazil has some of the most exotic and fascinating wildlife on the planet and you can get a close-up look...

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The Ocean Liner Cruise is Back In Style

Jun 25, 08 The Ocean Liner Cruise is Back In Style

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If you’ve never been the type to take a cruise ship vacation, now may be the time to consider it. The cruise experience has changed considerably in the past decade and today there are cruises to fit every budget, lifestyle and interest. Cruising down to Brazil is an exciting way to see the eastern coastline of South America....

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