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Arraial d’Ajuda: Planning Your Time

Jan 23, 10 Arraial d’Ajuda: Planning Your Time

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Most travelers who come to the south of Bahia remember Arraial d’Ajuda as their favorite place on the coast. It has a kind of rustic charm to it that seduces just about everyone who comes here. It’s difficult to say whether the highlight is the village itself, or the beaches. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between them....

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Porto Seguro: Beaches & Barracas

Jan 16, 10 Porto Seguro: Beaches & Barracas

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Up the northern coast of Porto Seguro, the beaches stretch on for miles. There is little difference among the beaches along this ten-kilometer stretch. They all have fairly wide strips of fine sand with medium-sized waves and semi-blue, semi-clear water (depending on the season). If you’re looking for charming tropical beaches...

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Arraial d’Ajuda: Northern Beaches

Jan 15, 10 Arraial d’Ajuda: Northern Beaches

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Walking up along the northern beaches is a must while you’re in Arraial. First, the beaches themselves are long and excellent for swimming–with clear, warm water that is generally shallow and calm. Plus, there are kiosks spread at intervals all along this part of the coast, many associated with some pousada or other (but the...

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Arraial d’Ajuda: Southern Beaches

Jan 15, 10 Arraial d’Ajuda: Southern Beaches

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The main beach in Arraial is Praia do Mucugé, at the bottom of the Estrada do Mucugé just below the village. Due to its proximity to the village, it is by far the most popular and crowded of the beaches here. There are plenty of beach bars with plenty of beach chairs and umbrellas to keep the sun off. Some trees line the area...

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Arraial d’Ajuda: Old Village, New Village

Arraial d’Ajuda means Settlement of Help and the original village center is just that–a kind of small settlement on top of the bluff overlooking the beautiful ocean. (As a side note, the village was not named because of its helpful nature, but was in honor of one of the principal ships that landed here in the discovery,...

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Review of Pousada do Toque in Maceio, Paradise on Brazil’s Northern Coast

Nov 09, 08 Review of Pousada do Toque in Maceio, Paradise on Brazil’s Northern Coast

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Some people are looking for vacation spots that are great party places. Others want peace and tranquility. Nothing against the high-energy bump-and-grind now and again, but if you’re looking for paradise, then I suggest heading about an hour and a half north of Maceió, among coconut groves and mangroves to a beach village known...

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Brazil’s Best Beaches, An Armchair Journey

Nov 09, 08 Brazil’s Best Beaches, An Armchair Journey

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Are you ready to check out Brazil’s amazing coastline? I’ve uploaded a series of photos from some of my travels up and down the long coastline of Brazil…from the Northeast Region to the Southern Region and everything in between. Well, not exactly everything, but I’m working on it. Check out the photo journey...

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Get your butt off Copacabana!

Mar 31, 06 Get your butt off Copacabana!

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Rio de Janeiro no longer a haven for bunda In an absurd, but valiant attempt to disassociate the Brazilian backside from Rio de Janeiro (specifically the near-naked female derriere so ubiquitous along Brazil’s coastline), city authorities voted to prohibit the sale of postcards that are endowed with portraits of this...

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