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Rio State is Bikini Haven

Apr 17, 10 Rio State is Bikini Haven

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Brazilian bikini fashions are famous the world over. Bikini manufacturers of all types and sizes are scattered throughout the Southeast Region–not just on the coastline. Key production areas include Belo Horizonte, Divinopolis, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, and topping them all…Cabo Frio. Known as the capital da moda praia,...

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Best Bikini Videos 3
All About Brazilian Bikinis

Oct 25, 08 Best Bikini Videos 3<br />All About Brazilian Bikinis

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Shopping Highlights in Minas Gerais

Feb 13, 08 Shopping Highlights in Minas Gerais

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What to Buy and Where to Buy It Minas is a great place for shopping and if you know what to look for and where to look for it, you can find some of Brazil’s best prices. Specialties in the area are, of course, the items that are made or found there – most of which have been part of the regional culture for hundreds of years....

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Get your butt off Copacabana!

Mar 31, 06 Get your butt off Copacabana!

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Rio de Janeiro no longer a haven for bunda In an absurd, but valiant attempt to disassociate the Brazilian backside from Rio de Janeiro (specifically the near-naked female derriere so ubiquitous along Brazil’s coastline), city authorities voted to prohibit the sale of postcards that are endowed with portraits of this...

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Those Brazilian Bikinis…

Mar 01, 06 Those Brazilian Bikinis…

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New fashions offer variety, economy and a touch of self-expression Brazil’s bikini fashions are always out in front and what’s showing on the beaches of Brazil this summer is likely to appear in the northern hemisphere this June and July. So what’s Brazil up to this year in beach fashions? Apparently, the hit of...

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