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Fortaleza: The Beaches

Apr 08, 11 Fortaleza: The Beaches

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What you are likely to see of the city of Fortaleza are the beaches and coastal roads that span the nearly 40 kilometers of urban coastline. This coastline is divided into two parts: east and west of the lighthouse. The east side is where you find most of the hotels, the active boardwalk of Meireles and the restaurant-filled area of...

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Fortaleza, Brazil: Planning Your Time

Mar 18, 11 Fortaleza, Brazil: Planning Your Time

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The French pirates who navigated the waters around Fortaleza in the 1500s, were so enchanted by the place that they made it a main base of operation for years. Legend has it that they buried treasure in the coastal dunes, although you don’t see locals digging around in search of it. There are more obvious treasures available for...

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