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Samba, Bossa Nova and Brazilian Pop & Country Music

Feb 23, 11 Samba, Bossa Nova and Brazilian Pop & Country Music

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One of Brazil’s greatest national treasures is its musical heritage. The uniquely Brazilian forms of Samba and Bossa Nova are recognized the world over. But Brazil has many musical traditions, including country, Afro-Brazilian, and pop. And there’s nothing like a little Brazilian Rap or Hip-Hop to start your day. Brazilian...

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Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

Dec 24, 10 Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

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Considered the most important symphonic group in Latin America, the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra presents almost 100 performances each concert season, most of them sold-out at the Sala Sao Paulo, which seats 1500. Under the direction of Maestro John Neschling since 1997, the orchestra has grown to become a major world symphony and...

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Brazil’s Best on the Guitar

Feb 07, 10 Brazil’s Best on the Guitar

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Two of Brazil’s most talented and treasured guitar players often pair up to play together. Armandinho plays the little mandolin-like instrument, called a Cavaquinho (kah-vah-keen-yo), a traditional folk instrument in Brazil, while Yamandu Costa plays the guitar. Together, they volley back and forth with jaw-dropping speed and...

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A Brief History of Bossa Nova

Jun 20, 09 A Brief History of Bossa Nova

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When you look back on it, it seems almost inevitable that something important was to come from Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. Brazil was enjoying a time of prosperity and cultural growth under the presidency of Juscelino Kubitschek. Carmen Miranda had opened the doors to Hollywood and gotten the world to take notice of the big South...

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