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Ilhabela: Brazil’s Island Paradise Near Sao Paulo

Dec 31, 10 Ilhabela: Brazil’s Island Paradise Near Sao Paulo

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The original inhabitants of Ilhabela were simple people who lived off fishing and wild harvesting and made their homes around the edges of the island. To this day, the outer rim of the island is mostly inhabited by families of the island’s original inhabitants, still fishing the waters for sustenance. During the 19th century, the...

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Ilhabela: Inner Beaches, Outer Beaches

Dec 31, 10 Ilhabela: Inner Beaches, Outer Beaches

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Inner Beaches The beaches along the inner rim of the island are the most frequented, since there is a coastal road that connects them and the water here is calm and tranquil. Most people arrive on the island by car and the coastal road can get pretty crowded on weekends and during the peak season. On off-season weekdays, you can...

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The Islands of Brazil
South America’s Atlantic Coast Jewels

Feb 10, 08 The Islands of Brazil<br />South America’s Atlantic Coast Jewels

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With so much coastline, it’s no wonder that Brazil has some remarkable islands to visit and explore. They all offer tropical flora and fauna, warm Atlantic ocean water and wonderful underwater adventures for those interested in diving and snorkeling. Here is a short list of some of the more popular offerings. Fernando de...

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