About Brazil & Brazil Travel
These are the top sites for getting an overview of Brazil–what’s there, how to travel, what you need, etc. Most of these are hosted by government or major organizations.
Brazil Consulate in London
This is the best and friendliest of the consulate sites with information about Brazil as well as details about how to prepare yourself to get there. Remember, however, that if you are not Brittish, you should take a look at one of the sites in your country for information on visas and other preparations.
Brazil Consulate in San Francisco
One of the best sites for information on Brazil travel preparations, rules, and other info (for Americans).
Brazilian Ministery of Tourism
The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism keeps a very informative site in English and Portuguese with information about travel destinations, travel tips, links, and news.
Another site by the Brazilian government–this one sponsored by the office of international tourism. Their site has plenty of information for international travelers and is presented in several languages. Particularly useful is information about guides and official agents. You can contact them to check the credentials of any guide.
A site run by the business tourism organization, Anhembi, in São Paulo. It covers a lot about São Paulo, but also gives information about Brazil travel in general–especially for business travel.

Brazil News
These are sites offering news from Brazil or about Brazil. There are many sources for news stories about Brazil, but these are the best for getting a Brazil focus. Also remember to check the blog on this site.
This site is the first place to go for news concerning Brazil. It summarizes all the major stories from all over the web and provides links to the full stories. Naturally, it uses a few main sources, but it is by far the most eclectic and complete.

Brazil Travel Magazines Online
Here is a list of top online magazines about Brazil. These will get you inspired and help you decide what you want to see when you get here. Most of these have great stories and travel information, along with tips on where to stay and where to eat.
This site is rich in articles about Brazil and travel destinations. Most articles are travel oriented, but some are just interesting commentaries on Brazil or from Brazilians.
A great site with plenty of articles on Brazil’s many vacation spots. This is probably the best quality site for articles, since all contributors are professionals. There is also a blog, photo galleries, and reader forums. It is run by Bill Hinchberger, an American journalist living in São Paulo.
Another site for gringos traveling to Brazil with articles and tips.

Booking and Reservations
Here are a few sites to help you get started with hotels and bookings. However, I suggest you use the listings and contact information provided in Moon Handbooks Brazil. It can be very difficult to know which hotels are best and my selections and comments in the book are probably going to be most helpful.
A listing and booking service for hotels across the country–written for Brazilians, but if you can translate the page, you may find it useful for comparing prices. They also present special deals that you may want to check out.
Roteiro de Charme
This will get you to the official site of the Roteiro de Charme, which is a group of hotels that share a set of rules and standards of style and operation. These are often some of the most charming and well-run hotels in the country. Not always the cheapest, of course.
Accor Hotels
Access to all of the hotels in the Accor chains, which includes Ibis, Formule 1, Parthenon, and others. This is one of the largest hotel organizations in Brazil with hotels all over the country and many of the best hotels in São Paulo.
Atlantica Hoteis
Another of Brazil’s large companies with many hotel chains. This is their official site in English.

City Sites & Destination Guides
Just about every city and tourist destination in Brazil has a site dedicated to it and the popular destinations have many. Some sites are official and others are run by enthusiasts or tourism professionals. There are literally thousands of sites that could be listed here, so I´ve limited this list to just the most robust and well-run sites. You´ll find a mixture of languages offered, so keep an eye on the columns to the right for language indicators.
Feirias Brasil
This site, in Portuguese only, has a great quick-view of many tourist destinations. Each destination has links for hotels, privately-run sites, things to do, places to eat and more. If you can translate the page, it will give you some great supplemental information, but use Moon Handbooks Brazil for advice on where to go, what to see and where to stay.
Terra City Guide
Another general site in Portuguese with searchable listings of all tourist destinations in Brazil. You may find some helpful information here to supplement your other sources, but there is just too much to be useful and much of it is paid advertising. Better to trust the book, which is totally objective and independent.
Another general site in Portuguese and English with information on Brazil’s most popular attractions and a few of the lesser known ones. Another good overview site that may help you plan your trip.
Brazil Tourism
This site has lots of good information about Brazil and various destinations–with an emphasis on sports and recreation.
Good information about the Central Amaon Region and ways to visit. This is run by a travel agency, so the information is obviously tailored to emphasize their offerings. Still, it´s worth a look for basic Amazon info.
An excellent and very complete site about Bahia, including everything in the state. The state is divided into various sub-regions, such as the Discovery Coast, but just poke around and you´ll find everything there. Remember that most of these general guide sites have paid listings, so they are not always the most reliable source for hotel and restaurant referrals.
Abrolhos Islands
Santa Catarina
Ouro Preto
Angra dos Reis
Bahia Online
Buzios Explorer
Fernando de Noronha
Foz de Iguaçú
Foz de Iguaçú
Praias Online
more sites to come…

Travel Beyond Brazil

Thinking of going elsewhere (besides Brazil)? Here are some great sites to lead you in many different directions…
Mecixo Vacation Travels
Mexico travel information, tips and photos

Organizations (Government and NGOs)
Brazil’s government-sponsored environmental organization.
Projeto Arara Azul
The Hiacynth Macaw Project site, based in the Pantanal..
The Marine Turtle site, based in Bahia.
Projeto Peixe Boi
The Manatee Preservation Project site, based in Recife.
Volunteer Adventures
An organization to help people set up and join volunteer projects all over the world.
Brazil Tour Guides
A listing of tour guides that you can contact before your trip. Search based on location and area of expertise.
Brazil’s government-sponsored organization to assist aboriginal groups.
Conservation International do Brasil
An independent organization to help with environmental issues in Brazil.
The national office of Brazil’s Convention and Visitors Bureaus. All CVBs are listed here.
Amazon Watch
Environmental activist group focusing on the Amazon.
A site for hiking and camping adventures with some info on Brazil.
A news site with information about ecotourism and environmental issues.